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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Better a Poor Man With Integrity Than A Rich Man Who Excepts a Bribe

I realize that some of my friends will question my decision to stop supporting Donald Trump. But is has already been stated in an earlier post.
Never before has God ever warned me of any other political candidate in my history of being closely involved in the political process, aiding in both Jeb and George Bush's elections both times, and in the 2008 campaigns largely across the nation for the Republican party, for John McCain, Meg Whitman here in Ca. a few senators in rural Missouri, a senator in Michigan, one in Pennsylvanian and another Republican candidate here in CA.
I went against my better judgement several times in support of Donald Trump though I am completely opposed to his mistreatment of others by his belittling and name calling of everyone who opposes him.
I've sat back and swallowed my words time and time again as I heard him verbally abuse Rosie O'Donnell, Megyn Kelly and I saw the images of him belittling the disabled news reporter, I heard him belittle the woman who accused him of groping him.
All of that on top of me hearing from God warn me that Donald Trump was playing superior to all female role models. I have heard him put down and criticize any and every person who has ever opposed him. As if he were the only answer or some elite creation of mankind.
But after the dream I had on the 24th of October about Mr. Trump intentionally shutting his eyes to injustice I refuse to offer my support of him any longer. Thank you for understanding.

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