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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jesus Is The Best Help

Sometimes people don't want the help we offer to give
Even if they desperately need it just to get by or live

Sometimes there is nothing about it that we can do
Except give them to God for HE loves them too

HE is in control of everything after all
HE sends the blessings big or small

HE also does send death and life 
HIS Word cuts out sin just like a knife

He wounds but HIS hands also bind up
HIS water can quench when in your cup

Walk in HIS righteous ways above all
Then peace will reign as you stand tall

Tyranny will be far from you
When you obey HIS word too

You will have nothing to fear
Terror to you will not come near

No weapon formed against you will prevail 
Every tongue of accusation you will assail

Only for God's true people will this be the case
Worship HIM then HIS glory will shine upon your face

In prayer you can draw closer to HIM
HIS Holy Spirit is needed to the brim

Ask HIM to send HIS Holy Spirit to you
And to fill you up with His Holy Spirit too

HE can guide you with HIS eye
HIS word is all true and not one lie

Kimmy Gerred
Palm Springs, CA
April 6th, 2016

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